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Throne Rush Cheats Facebook, Android, iOS

Cheats And Hacks For Throne Rush

Throne Rush Cheats Free Download

 Throne Rush Cheats

Throne Rush Cheats Free Download

Throne Rush the game

Throne Rush Cheats can help you to dominate in this awesome strategy action game! Using Throne Rush Cheats you can make infinite Gold, Food and Gems together with some more helpful Throne Rush hacks! Throne Rush is new building and strategy game developed and released by Progrestar. Players who played Clash of Clans will certainly find this game familiar, since basic principle is the same. Throne Rush is set in medieval age, where player is ruling his kingdom, building powerful armies of knights, goblins, eagles and many other unique units and using them for protecting his own town kingdom or for attacking other towns and castles. Although this sounds familiar, Throne Rush managed to gather over 1 million users in short time since its release, and this number continues to grow every day. Throne Rush Cheats is here to help you because this game can be really hard at some moments, especially if you are put against other human player with much stronger army.

How to use Throne Rush Cheats

Throne Rush Cheats tool is very simple to use, thanks to its user friendly interface and detailed instructions provided here. Upper section of the Throne Rush Hack, called Connect Tab, is more important. You always need to use this tab first before applying any hack if you want Throne Rush Cheats to work properly. Here you will first choose your gaming platform. All versions of Throne Rush are covered, including Facebook edition, and also iOS and Android versions. Next step is entering your e-mail in first empty text box, if you are playing Facebook version. Of course, that should be e-mail associated with your Facebook account. In case you need Throne Rush Cheats for iOS or Android, you need to enter your game ID in empty text box below first one. Two options on the right side are very important for safe and efficient functioning of Throne Rush Cheats and we will explain them in detail in following text. They are “Use proxy” and “Safe mode”, and can be activated or deactivated at will. “Use proxy” is recommended to use for Facebook version of Throne Rush Cheats, but you can leave it unchecked if you plan to use Throne Rush Cheats for iOS and Android versions of the game. “Safe mode” is absolutely necessary for iOS and Android versions of Throne Rush Cheats, but you don’t need it for Facebook version of the game so you can leave it unchecked in that case. Only exception is if you want to use Throne Rush Cheats more often than once per 24 hours. In that case, we suggest both options to stay activated regardless of the game platform. Last step is to click “Connect” button and wait for message “Connected” to appear next to it. When you see the message “Connected” you can proceed to lower tab with actual Throne Rush Hack.

Throne Rush Hacks Successfully Added

Hacks Successfully Added!

Available hacks in Throne Rush Cheats

Lower half of the Throne Rush Cheats is reserved for actual hacks. Main hacks are Gems Hack, Food Hack and Gold Hack. You can choose 100, 200, 400, 1000 or 2000 gems to add to your account. As for Food and Gold, available options are 1000, 5000, 10000, 50000 and 100000 units. On the right side are two special cheats. First one is “Fast Building” and if you activate it, all buildings will be immediately finished as soon as you start building them. That means you don’t need to spend any gems to speed up construction, this hack will do that for you. Hack will stay activated until you exit current game, so you need to activate it again before starting your next game. Second Hack is “Double Damage” and this hack is applied to all damage your troops and defensive buildings do in the game. That means you will get double damage bonus while attacking and also while defending. Unfortunately, when you exit your current game this hack will also stop working, so if you planned to use this hack for defense while you are offline, think again as this is not going to work. Best option for protection while you are offline is to simply buy protection with Gems available, since now thanks to Throne Rush Cheats you can have infinite Gems. Don’t forget to activate this hack again before next game! After you selected all hacks you want to activate, simply press “Add cheats” button in the bottom of the window. Wait for the green bar to fill up and after you see the message “Cheats Successfully added” appearing on the screen, you can finally close Throne Rush Cheats and start your game. All Hacks will be instantly applied, although in some cases there can be up to 10 minutes delay before you get additional Gems from Throne Rush Cheats. Food and Gold will always be immediately available thanks to the mechanism of Throne Rush Cheats.

 Throne Rush Hack Free Download Instructions

If you want you can download Throne Rush Cheats for free right here from our website. All you need to do in order to get this amazing hack tool for free is to complete short and easy anti-spam offer. And that’s it. So if you want to download this amazing tool click on download button below, and follow further instructions.

Throne Rush Cheats Free Download

How To Use Archer Tower

How To Use Archer Tower in Throne Rush

Throne Rush Archer Towers

Archer tower characteristics

Archer tower is next defensive structure to be unlocked after basic tower. Unlike normal tower which attacks only ground units, Archer tower has one major advantage: it can attack both ground and air units. Basic characteristics of Archer tower include next information: it attacks both ground and air units, and can attack only single target. Attack priority is for nearest targets, which is important when you plan to attack these towers, because you can use live baits to distract them from attacking your main troops. Attack range is fairly long, 10 squares. In early stages of the game these towers will be your only defense from flying units, together with traps. The total number of towers available for construction, and their maximum upgrade level depend on the level of your castle, as for all other defensive buildings in the game. First archer tower becomes available after you upgrade your castle to level 2. On 3rd level you can buy second archer tower. On 4th and 5th level you can have 3 archer towers, while on castle levels 6 and 7 you can have maximum of 4 towers. Level 8 castles enables purchase of 5th archer tower, and from castle level 9 onwards, you have maximum of 6 archer towers available for construction. As for tower level, it is fairly easy to calculate it, because it corresponds with castle level. That means that, for example, with castle level 6, your archer towers can be also upgraded to 6th level. Maximum level of archer towers is 11, like the maximum level for your castle. Throne rush cheats tool allows for fast and easy upgrading of archer tower.  

Cost, hit points and damage

As for other archer tower characteristics, at first couple of levels its cost changes at a rate of roughly tripling the value for every level of upgrade. From level 5 onwards, for every new upgrade level price is roughly doubled compared to previous upgrade level. Maximum price is 4 million for level 11 archer tower upgrade. Hit points of archer tower on the other hand, rise in totally linear fashion. Every new level upgrade will add 40 hit points to its total, to a maximum of 830 points per each archer tower on level 11. Damage per second rises more or less unexpectedly. From 1st to 3rd level of archer tower, damage increase by meager 1 or 2 points. Level 4 archer tower gains 3 points of damage per second, while level 5 archer tower gains huge increase of 5 points damage per second. Comparing to level 4 towers with 16 points damage per second, level 5 archer towers with 21 points damage per second has total damage increase of more than 33%. Next few levels also gain huge damage increase of 25-33% per each level, while archer towers from level 9 and onwards have lesser damage increase of meager 15-20%. In conclusion, archer towers are most powerful on levels 5 through 8. Construction time also rises in non linear fashion, and maximum upgrade time is 6 days for level 11 archer tower. Enjoy using Throne rush hack tool and building archer towers!


How To Use Towers In Throne Rush

Tower use in Throne rush

 throne rush tower

Importance of defense in Throne Rush

Although Throne Rush hack tool helps a lot with providing unlimited resource income to the player, together with other hacks and helpful features, sooner or later you will want to try your army against other players, which also leaves your settlement open to the attack of your opponents. Even though Throne Rush cheats provide almost unlimited shield for your settlement, that doesn’t mean you should leave your village unprotected or poorly constructed. On the contrary, you can use all those hacked resources to make super fortified village which will be impervious to the attacks of other players. It is indeed a beautiful sight to watch replay of player’s attack which failed miserably against your excellent defenses. There are also several achievements tied to successful defense of your village, and that is why we will focus on building good defenses and using appropriate tactics against attacks. So far we talked about defensive buildings in general, and importance of walls in Throne rush. Walls are basic defense structure in Throne rush, and sometimes people underestimate them, assuming that opponent will always use flying units against which, walls are useless. But they are wrong. Walls are excellent defense and very important part of your whole defense strategy, especially when paired with other defensive buildings. Let’s move on to discussing some other buildings available to player who is trying to make best defense for his or her village. If you need more useful tips like this you should check our website.

Defensive buildings – Basic tower

Together with walls, tower (or basic tower as it is called to make difference from other towers available to build) is first defensive structure which is unlocked for a player. This tower is very simple. It attacks only ground targets, and has no splash damage, it deals only single damage. Its attack priority is also very simple, it attacks only nearest target. However, it has decent attack range of nine tiles, allowing it to cover large area for defense. The amount of towers is, as for all other buildings in the game, dependable on the level of the Castle. This is also true for their maximum level. On first level you can have one tower (which can’t be upgraded), on 2nd and 3rd level you can build 2 towers (which can be upgraded to level 3), while 4th and 5th level allow for 3rd tower to be built (with maximum level rising to 4 and 5, respectively). However, from level 5 you can have 5 towers, which is biggest improvement for this building. From level 5 and onward, every new Castle level allows for additional level upgrade of the towers. Unfortunately, after level 5 you are limited to 5 towers until you get level 10 castle which unlocks 6 towers to build and maximum upgrade level for them, which is level 11. As for tower’s cost, hit points and damage per second, these values are upgraded in approximately linear fashion. The only big leap is for level 5 tower which gets good 6 points of damage added, which represents some 30% of damage increase. If you want to know even more about towers you should check this out.

Importance of Walls in Throne Rush

Walls in Throne Rush

 Throne Rush Walls

Types of Defensive Buildings

Defensive buildings play important role in Throne Rush. They are your only protection from other players while you are offline. Of course, only exception is if you are constantly using Shield to protect your village, which is pretty costly but absolutely possible with the use of Throne Rush Cheats and unlimited resources. However, you must lower your shield sometimes, at least while you are attacking other players, and defensive buildings in your settlement are only thing which can protect it from being pillaged and destroyed by other players. Every defensive building has its unique characteristics. Main characteristics are damage (presented as damage per second), target priority (which determines which targets can be, and will be first attacked by this building), and of course, hit points of the construction. All these characteristics change with leveling, as is maximum number of buildings available to construct. Main resource used for constructing and upgrading of defensive buildings is Gold. By using Throne Rush Hack tool you can get infinite amounts of Gold making this task easy and quick.


Walls are basic defense from ground attacking units. Although they don’t provide protection against air units, they are still first line of protection for your village. Strong walls will provide enough time for your defensive buildings to destroy attackers. Also, surrounding key buildings with additional walls will buy you enough time to sometimes even win the match. Some players like to encircle whole settlement with one closed wall, while other like to protect their main buildings with separate walls. Again, most players like to protect their defensive buildings with additional wall layers, because the more time your defense buildings survive, the more enemy troops will be destroyed, ultimately defending your whole settlement in that way. Number of wall sections available for constructing depends on your castle level. At level 2 you get 40 sections of wall to build, with additional 15 sections per each castle level until level 6. From level 6 onwards, you get 20 new sections of wall every level, having a maximum of 200 wall sections with level 11 castle. Hit points of wall are also upgraded with each castle level. They start with 350 hit points for level 1 wall, going up to 550 for level 2, 750 for level 3, 1050 on level 4, 1550 on level 5, 2200 on level 6, 3100 on level 7, 4100 on level 8, 5400 on level 9, 6800 on level 10, and a maximum of 8400 hit points on level 11. Of course, the price of each wall section and the time needed for its construction is also going higher with each new level, going from as little as 250 gold per wall section of level 1, to 1000 gold per wall section on level 3. From there prices rises almost exponentially, so level 5 wall section costs 10000, while level 7 costs 60000, and level 9, for example, is 400000 per section. Although at level 11 every wall section costs 2.000.000 gold, with Throne rush Cheats you don’t have to worry about it, just go on and build!

Throne Rush Defense Tips and Tricks

How To Have Better Defense In Throne Rush

 throne rush defense tips and tricks

Defense in Throne Rush

Throne Rush Cheats tool can help you to get infinite resources in this fantastic game, together with some helpful hacks like instant construction or double damage. But experienced players know that even with unlimited resources, you still need good strategy and tactics if you want to win every battle. This is true especially for defending your village, because attacks usually happen while you are offline, although you couldn’t participate in defending the village even if you are online. Therefore defense of your village depends much on good strategy, proper positioning of key defensive structures and, above all, the right sequence of upgrades on your defensive buildings. Let’s see what happens after upgrading the Castle as main prerequisite for other buildings, their quantity and their levels. Rule of thumb is that after upgrading your Castle and unlocking new buildings and upgrades, you need to upgrade all your defensive buildings and walls first. Next would be army producing buildings, while resource buildings come at very end. The reason is simple. Even though the game chooses your opponents based on your battle rank, the number of points to be gained or lost depends on your overall castle level, among other things. When you upgrade Castle, your opponents will become stronger, while your units and buildings effectively stayed the same as before. You should start upgrading your strongest current defense towers first. Luckily for you, you have fast building hack implemented in Throne Rush Hack tool so you can upgrade all buildings in a few minutes. Otherwise you would need days of waiting just for upgrades.

Order of construction and upgrades

If you, however, choose not to use our fast building hack, then you should definitely upgrade strongest towers first. Even then, be careful not to start too many upgrades at once. If you have 2 or more towers of the same type, never upgrade all of them at the same time. Always try to upgrade different towers which cover different areas, so that in case of attack you will have functional defense which can cover land and air. It is common mistake for players to try to upgrade all towers which cover air, so during upgrade they will be totally defenseless against air units. Also, try to upgrade towers which are not on the same side of the settlement, or you would end up having no defense if attack comes from that direction. Another common mistake made by many players is that walls are not important, so they leave their upgrade for the end. Common thought is that too many players use flying units and walls just have no use in that case. Walls can save your village, especially on higher levels because they become much stronger then. Their strength almost triples with every upgrade on higher levels. Another reason is that, although players love to use flying units, if they want to farm using BAM method, they must go with cheap and fast building units which are all land units.

Anti Ban Measures in Throne Rush Hack Tool

Throne Rush Hack Tool

Anti ban measures in our cheat tool

Throne Rush Cheats tool was really fun to make. This game is highly addictive even though there is fierce competition in this genre. Throne rush certainly has some unique qualities, and we decided to make Throne Rush Hacks tool very soon after starting playing it. The reason was that very soon we realized the importance of Gems over all other resources present in the game. Making actual hacks and cheats was pretty easy, considering that we already have significant experience in making hacking tools and cheats for games and sites. The real challenge was to find a way to overcome the security measures on game server and force it to accept all the hacks made by our tool. We already have good experience with hacking tools for Facebook so it was not really a problem to adjust them a bit and make functional security breaching algorithm usable for Throne Rush Hack. The problem was, as always, that these additional hacking measures were slowing down Throne Rush Cheats tool by some 30%, and we knew these are some rare cases when player didn’t need to use them. That is why we decided to implement them as optional. Thus the “Use proxy” option was made. Next step was to develop similar algorithm which would be used for iOS and Android version of the game. This was a bit tougher job, because those platforms are getting regular security updates and are, in general, harder to breach. Final solution was working excellent, beyond our expectations, and with this new subroutines included turned out that Throne Rush Hack tool had 100% success when applying hacks for Android and iOS devices. The problem was that connecting and actual hacking procedure was taking twice as long as we intended. We know that 3-5 minutes waiting is not so much if you get 100% working cheat, but again, there are some people who like their hack tools to work faster. So to say, they prefer speed over the stability. Mostly for them, we decided to include these additional anti ban procedures as optional instead mandatory. So if you are willing to wait some more in order to get completely working Throne Rush Cheats tool, you can activate these options on the right side of the tool window. IF you want, you can proceed without them, even if Throne Rush Cheats tool fail to apply hacks in first try, you will have no problems, you only need to try again, maybe this time with our additional options turned on.

Use proxy option

This option is essential for Facebook players of Throne Rush. It does several important things, and hiding your IP address is only one of them. We recommend turning it on, unless you are already a premium player of Throne rush in which case you leave it off.

Safe mode option

This option includes several well known hacking procedures applied to Android and iOS platforms. Again, you can skip this option in case you are premium player of Throne Rush, but even then there is around 30% chance that Throne Rush Cheats Hack tool will not work unless you activate it again.

How We Made Throne Rush Hack Tool Part 2

Android and iOS version of hacking tool

Throne Rush Cheats

Throne Rush Cheats Free Download

Just to let you know, this is the second part of our making Throne Rush Cheats post.

For Android and iOS versions however, this was not a problem as you would hack the game from your computer while playing on your tablet or phone anyway, so IP address wouldn’t matter. But security protocols were entirely different for those two platforms, and we needed to make completely new hack algorithm in order to beat them. When finally done, algorithm proved to be 100% efficient but turned out to slow down hacking process considerably. It turned out that Throne Rush Cheats tool without safe mode needed around 2 minutes for connecting to the server, while with safe mode activated total time was 4 to 5 minutes. Of course, there was no need for users to wait so long if they needed to hack Throne Rush game only for Facebook. That is why we added an option to turn it on for Android and iOS, or off if you make cheats for Facebook version.

Finishing the connect tab of Throne Rush Cheats tool

Parallel with these features, we had to add two separate text fields for entering your game data, one for Facebook users, and other for Android and iOS users. Facebook users need only to enter their email associated with Facebook account, while other users need to enter their game ID since Android and iOS versions don’t use Emails for game registration. Our connect tab was done and it worked perfectly! Up until today, we use this same connect interface for all versions of Throne Rush Cheats tool, we only need to refresh hacking algorithms from time to time, following security updates for Facebook and android or iOS operating systems.

Further improvements of Throne Rush Cheats

For our first version of Throne Rush Cheats tool we focused only on adding Gems to account, because we saw Gems are crucial for faster playing, getting better troops and higher levels buildings. Since we wanted unlimited number of Gems to be available, we tried adding some pretty large amounts of Gems with our Throne Rush Cheats tool. It turned out it is possible to add virtually any Gems amount to player’s account, but there was slight problem with values that exceed maximum number of gems which can be otherwise bought in game. Sometimes game simply wouldn’t accept larger quantities of Gems added by Throne Rush Cheats. Of course, thanks to our perfect hacking tool, only inconvenience for player would be he has to restart Throne Rush Cheats tool and try again, but nevertheless we dropped larger amounts of gems for our updated version of Throne Rush Cheats version 1.2. However, from many positive feedbacks from satisfied players we found out that they like to add large amounts of gems, even if that doesn’t work every time; they like it more than adding small amounts as many times as they want. That is the reason why in next update we brought back that feature, although we keep recommending adding smaller amounts more often as better option in our opinion. Reading all the emails from satisfied users and their suggestions for further improvements and new features in our Throne Rush Cheats tool, we gradually added more options, so in version 2.0 we included options for adding Gold and Food as additional resources, while from version 2.2 we also have two completely new hacks available, “Fast building” and “Double damage”.

Throne Rush Cheats Free Download

Making Throne Rush Cheats

Making Throne Rush Cheats

 Throne Rush Cheats

Throne Rush Cheats Free Download

Throne Rush the game

Enjoy this nice epic, good looking and fast paced building strategy game set in fantasy world with our Throne Rush Cheats tool. While bottleneck of all these games is that they require heavy cash investment in order to play without interruption and in order to unlock main features, our hack tool can help you greatly with that. Unlimited Gems, food and Gold together with some nicely picked hacks like instant buildings and double damage for your troops and defensive structures are features of Throne Rush Cheats tool. Here are some details about how we made our Throne Rush Cheats tool and how it actually works.

How Throne Rush Cheats tool was made

Since we are huge fans of strategy games, we noticed Throne Rush as soon as it appeared. We liked it for its juicy looks and nice gameplay, and hooked up pretty fast on it. After few weeks of dedicated playing, we began to think about ways to speed up the game without actual use of gems, which are pretty expensive when it comes out to this game. Food and Gold were possible to harvest, but without gems, buildings and upgrades were slowed to a halt after we passed certain level. After researching game code, it was clear that version for Facebook has different security procedures from version for Android and iOS. Since some of our friends played on Facebook and some on Android and iOS, we decided to make multi platform hacking tool which would satisfy everyone.

Facebook version of hacking tool

Since we already have good experience with Facebook hacks we used some of those algorithms; we only needed to update them because Facebook is really hard working company which constantly improves its security measures, so any software designed for hacking lasts few months at most. It turned out that only problem with Facebook version of Throne Rush Cheats tool would be IP address of the user which absolutely needed to be different from IP address currently associated with Facebook account. While it could be done manually through using router switches and modem reset for users with dynamic IP address, we had to make sure other users with static IP address all also secured while using Throne Rush Cheats tool. That is why we included “Use proxy” option in our hack tool from the very start. “Use proxy” option hides your IP address when activated, rerouting all internet traffic from your computers via several other servers so that any changes Throne Rush Cheats tool makes on gaming server are recognized as if they are coming from proxy server instead from your computer.

Safety Measures

Safety Measures In Throne Rush Cheats

 Throne Rush Cheats

Throne Rush the game

Throne Rush Cheats will help you to master this wonderful game. Released by Progrestar, this game quickly gathered over a million players. It is similar to Clash of Clans, but in the same time has some unique charm and qualities that make Throne Rush more interesting and exciting. The core of the game is building your own kingdom, starting with one castle and few surrounding buildings, and slowly progressing until you have fully developed town and massive army which can be used for defend and attack. Throne Rush Cheats is complex hack tool which can help you to devastate your opponents and quickly build kingdom from your dreams. We must point out that using Throne Rush Cheats is illegal and can lead to temporarily or permanently banning your account if you are discovered. That is why we made Throne Rush Cheats with special focus on anti ban measures, and if you follow our suggestions using this hack tool will be completely safe and harmless. At the same time, using Throne Rush Cheats in proper way will increase its efficiency and make sure you always get your hacks done without any problems.

Additional safety measures for Throne Rush Cheats

You already know that Throne Rush Cheats has no less than five different hacks included. Those are Gems hack, Food Hack, Gold Hack, Fast building hack and Double damage hack. If you want to use these hacks to their maximum efficiency, please follow these advices: For Food and Gold, it is best to add amount that is smaller than maximum amount you can actually have in game. So for example, if your maximum capacity for Food in game is 60000 units, it is better to choose option for adding 50000 food units than option to add 100000 food. The reason is that sometimes game can get confused about you having more Food or Gold than your maximum capacity allows. There is 5% chance in that case that your Food or Gold can become bugged and you will not see total amount, which can be annoying. If this bug forces you to make report and ask for support, you can get in trouble when game support finds out your account is hacked. The same goes for Gems, although in this case we suggest adding amount of Gems which is currently noted as maximum amount of Gems which can be bought. Applying Throne Rush Cheats like this, you will never have problems with bugs or security issues. Of course, you can always go for maximum amounts of resources, and in that case we absolutely recommend selecting “Use proxy” and “Safe mode” option. As for “Fast building” hack, Throne Rush Cheats works until you exit your current game. You need to activate Throne Rush Cheats again if you want to apply this hack next time you restart the game. “Double Damage” hack also works only until you exit current game, so don’t forget to activate it again.